I Hear It Hurts

Enamored by Reggie Watts right now. It’s not safe for work, but it will get stuck in your head all day. http://bit.ly/cTZmBr

“Thursday was named after Thor. It’s Thor’s day. Do you feel weird as a non-believer?” http://sivers.org/thor

RT @tyler_thompson: Wow. Google really stepped things up with their Chrome speed test videos, they are amazing. http://ht.ly/1HlJj

A special Cinco de Mayo message from Machete. http://bit.ly/cHuTMu

Great @bigcartel store. RT @jasonsantamaria: I posted about A Book Apart and our first title HTML5 For Web Designers: http://j.mp/a2PMCy

The irony of receiving a postcard from the state of Indiana notifying me of the survey they’re also mailing about going green.

Apple knows my musical tastes are fairly random. http://yfrog.com/6byv9p

RT @cotycreighton: Epic Flier for an Epic Show - http://ow.ly/1BgTq